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We moved here in 2009 because of the location and views.  What better way than to share our haven with you and hope you enjoy it here as much as we do.

We have an abundance of wildlife here, Barn Owls, Brown Owls, Tawny Owls, Muntjac and Roe deer, Pheasants, Skylarks and Hares, to name just a few who visit us.   If you are lucky you will see Canada Geese which fly over every morning and evening and are a spectacular sight.

We are still busy planting up hedging and bedding plants and beside the bike shed we have a wildflower patch which has been an absolute success in attracting bees and insects.  We hope you will have the benefit of them in full bloom during your stay.


Cooking Facilities
Private BBQ Area
& Fire Pit
Free Bike Loan
White Snowflake 2
Air Conditioning
Electric Shower
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